Cold Coffee: Motherhood Chronicles


Hey guys, Ashley here!

Welcome to Cold Coffee. For a long time now, starting a blog has always been on my mind. I actually did attempt to start a blog a couple of times, but due to inexperience and lack of what to write about, it failed. But here I am, years later, with so much to talk about!

The name “Cold Coffee” comes from something that happens every single morning here in our home. Mornings are busy for me: fixing breakfast for Paisley, nursing James, feeding the dog and cat, checking emails, getting back to clients, getting cleaned up and ready for our daily embarkment, it’s busy. By the time I get all of those things checked off, my once freshly made pressed coffee is now cold. Hey, I am all for iced coffee, however, when I make a hot fresh cup of joe, I’d reeeeally like it to stay hot. But, this is life, and that doesn’t always happen. Which is why I chose to name my blog Cold Coffee. It was a perfect fit for my day-to-day journey through motherhood and life.

So welcome, Friends, Mommies, Dads, and all who enter and choose to read about our shenanigans! I’m so happy you’re here, and cheers to Cold Coffee!