An Open Letter to my First Born - Becoming a Big Sister


Man, does time fly. It feels like yesterday that you were my little 5lb, 10oz squirmy little baby. Now look at you; my sassy, spunky, but sweet 3 year old big girl. Where has time gone?

Your daddy and I are so excited for this next chapter! Not only are we welcoming your baby brother into the world in just a few short weeks, we get to witness you becoming a big sister. We are so excited. As excited as I am, it’s tugging on my heart strings just a bit. For 3 years it has been you and me, baby girl. Together over these last 3 years, we have endured 2 and a half deployments, Mommy starting her own business, numerous trips and adventures, good times and bad, but it has been some of the best times of my life.

Ashley Metler