Never in a million years did I think my hobby was going to grow into my passion. That moment of growth was the game changer in my story. After completing 18 months of Cosmetology School, graduating, and earning my license, I still felt lost. I love all things beauty, however, I knew deep down it was not my calling. Shortly after graduating, I found that dusty ole Nikon in my closet. That game changer I mentioned? Yeah, this was that moment. After a lot of practice and patience, trials and tribulations, I am now the owner and Photographer of a dream come true, Paisley Photography. And this is my story.

I'm a small town girl from Kansas, living my best life with the loves of my life in southern California. I love all things covered in chocolate, root-beer is my guilty pleasure, and I have a strong passion for fashion, but Photography wins over all.  I'm a lover of life, love, and laughter. I live for the raw and unique moments that cannot be recreated. I want to capture those moments for you in the most artistic and beautiful way imaginable, one click at a time.  

I hope you like the preserved moments you see here, and they bring you as much joy and happiness as they’ve brought me. If you like what you see and want to capture a moment, I can make it last a lifetime. I cannot wait to meet you and hear from you! 

"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."
-Elliott Erwitt

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Everyone, meet Miss Paisley! This is our sassy, spunky, sweet, life-lovin’ little 3 year old. Our Paisley is the reason behind the name.

A few years ago, during our 1st deployment and shortly after she was born, I had to go back to school full time. I was under contract with my Cosmetology School and had just 6-7 months left until graduating and earning my license. Going back to school full time just after having a baby was one of the hardest things I've had to do. But I did it, and I’m so happy I did.

Shortly after graduating Cosmetology School and earning my license, I still felt lost. Don’t get me wrong, I loved school and I still love any and all things beauty and fashion, but I couldn’t picture myself working behind a chair for the rest of my career. Once I graduated, I was able to be home with Paisley. I remembered that old Nikon I had put away in my coat closet, and one day I decided to pick it up off of that dusty ole shelf. That moment was the game changer in my story. That is where this journey began.

Paisley was the perfect little model for me to start practicing those photography skills that I had put away for awhile. I absolutely loved taking photos of her. After years of practice, trials and tribulations, successes and failures, I am now the Owner and Photographer of this amazing dream come true. When it came time for me to come up with a business name, I wanted to chose something unique that stood out, but was still meaningful to me. So, I chose the two things that meant the most to me: Paisley Photography.

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Growing up, having our photos professionally taken was never a rare occasion. We had them taken quite often. We had to most amazing family photographer and over the years she became family. We still cherish and look back on those photos today, and I am so grateful for those memories I have to hold onto. However, times were sometimes hard for my family, especially financially.

When starting my business, my ultimate goal and mission was to give my clients as similar of experiences I had. They were some of the most memorable times for me! I wanted to give my clients the best experience possible at the most affordable rate, without taking away quality. To this day, I strive to give my clients just that: a memorable and fun experience with beautiful, high quality photographs that will be cherished for generations to come.




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